• This place is amazing! Very professional & very clean. The staff was extremely knowledgeable making it alot easier to find exactly what your looking for to get the desired result you seek. 5 stars!! I will be back soon!

    Kristin Schwarz Avatar Kristin Schwarz
    August 5, 2023
  • Great range of products, staff friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. Shout out to Jessie Raindrops for above average service! Highly recommend

    Shizz94 Avatar Shizz94
    November 5, 2023
  • I went in the other evening and had a wonderful experience! I had so many questions and the girl with the blue hair (I think her name danielle) was very knowledgeable and so friendly! Definitely makes an overwhelming situation for me less stressful and I loved her recommendations! You guys gained a loyal newcomer!

    Ghost Nappa Avatar Ghost Nappa
    August 5, 2023
  • The Staff was exceptionally helpful, nice, and super friendly! The guards were too;) I explained what I was looking for and...they presented different strengths, prices and amounts. I appreciated their patience and knowledge! Best of Luck!!

    J Harrington Avatar J Harrington
    September 5, 2023
  • Amazing place amazing staff . Absolutely recommend this shop to anyone that is looking for very high quality bud. I was a first time online shopper so I received a discount, and the prices are absolutely up my aisle. The cones were packed so nice and full

    Jodi Naylor (JoJo) Avatar Jodi Naylor (JoJo)
    September 5, 2023
  • I was recently in this store and had a very good experience. I have shopped other stores before and had a general idea of what I needed, and Raindrop helped to get me precisely what I wanted. The selection can be overwhelming so it’s a good idea to look online before going in. I will definitely go back !!

    Paula Stein Avatar Paula Stein
    November 7, 2023
  • First time shopper, rather small compared to other dispensary. They have a various option regarding what you prefer. Jessie is the employee who super friendly helped with my purchase and signed me up for membership.

    Lt Money Avatar Lt Money
    September 5, 2023
  • Amazing product Awesome staff Great experience I have been coming here on the regular roughly since they opened. The staff is great, never had any problems, they are super friendly and knowledgeable. The product I've had thus far is amazing though inventory is constantly changing which is really nice. I would/will recommend anyone I come across that smokes heaven's flower to come check this place out. 10/10

    Ryan Brown Avatar Ryan Brown
    October 5, 2023
  • First time ever in a place like this. Very knowledgeable staff and helpful. I bought these gummies to help me sleep. They were $30 each and they worked

    Nick Venezia Avatar Nick Venezia
    September 5, 2023
  • A bit small but not bad products, my problem is the staff. They seem to be treating every person as if they have no knowledge about weed even if the customer knows and asks for exactly what they wish for. Perhaps because they are newly opened. I hope this changes or will not go there again. Edit: went back a second time and seemed fine without a problem so perhaps it was opening excitement.

    Dave W Avatar Dave W
    September 5, 2023