Is Medical Marijuana Stronger Than Recreational?

Is Medical Marijuana Stronger Than Recreational?

Marijuana is marijuana, right? Like many people, you might think all types will give you a body or head high, no matter its purpose or label. However, the strain’s purpose can have a significant influence on its effects when ingested.

Is medical marijuana stronger than recreational strains? The Social Leaf Dispensary in South Toms River, New Jersey, explores how medical marijuana products differ from recreational varieties below. Learn which you might prefer before you purchase a strain.

Medical vs. Recreational: How Do They Differ?

First, let’s explore how recreational marijuana differs from its medical counterpart. You likely already know that states that legalized marijuana allow buyers to obtain a medical marijuana card to purchase medicinal strains. Growers develop these strains to treat health conditions or chronic pain.

However, these products differ in the following ways, too.

Legal Restrictions

Medical marijuana often has fewer legal restrictions because customers use it to treat symptoms of medical conditions like multiple sclerosis and cancer. For example, you can’t purchase recreational products unless you are 21 years or older. However, you might access medical options at 18 or younger if you have an official diagnosis, a doctor’s recommendation, and a medical marijuana card.

You can also have your medical marijuana delivered to your door. If you strictly participate in recreational use, you must visit a dispensary in person to obtain your products. Plus, cardholders can also purchase larger product quantities than recreational users.

Employment Protections

Employers can still treat marijuana as an undesirable substance that curbs a job applicant’s chances for employment, even in states that have legalized marijuana. This is in part due to the federal law that still categorizes marijuana as an illegal substance. Therefore, you could face prejudices if you enjoy these products in recreational settings.

However, some states have legal protections in place for medical users. If you inform the company to which you are applying of your card ownership and need for medical marijuana, your local laws may protect you because of your medical needs.


Like other recreational substances, non-medical marijuana comes with steep taxes. Therefore, you can pay up to 16 percent in taxes for your purchase, whereas you might pay six percent or less for medical prescriptions. The government requires this variance to ensure medical users can affordably access essential parts of their treatments.

Growth Allowances

In addition to higher possession and purchase limitations, medical marijuana has higher growth allowances. If you wanted to plant, nurture, and enjoy your own harvest, you could own more individual plants. Therefore, obtaining a medical card might make your weekend gardening hobby a bit more enjoyable as a whole.

Is Medical Marijuana Stronger Than Recreational?

So, is medical marijuana stronger than recreational varieties? The short answer is maybe. If you dive a little deeper, you will see that potency depends on various factors in all strains.

A marijuana strain contains two main constituents that determine its potency and effectiveness on symptoms. First, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) provides the high that many users seek, especially for recreational purposes. Second, cannabinoids possess the anti-inflammatory properties necessary for medical products.

Some states might legalize the use of isolated cannabinoids while keeping THC off limits. Growers who produce medical strains focus more on cannabinoids versus THC. Which should you consider for your needs and wants?

Should You Choose Medical-Grade or Recreational Products?

Consuming medical marijuana has medicinal benefits for conditions that cause inflammation and chronic discomfort. It can also supplement treatments for cancer patients who need an appetite boost. However, these strains don’t always cater to the desire for high.

Meanwhile, strains developed strictly for recreational use typically feature more THC. If you want a pleasant high, you should shop for these product varieties. However, these differences don’t mean you can’t get the best of both worlds.

Some growers produce strains that maximize the potential health and medical benefits while also triggering that much-desired mind or body high. You can choose blends that satisfy both needs with a medical card. If you aren’t a cardholder and have no reason to obtain one, stick with advice from your dispensary representative. They can point you toward products that make you feel great while achieving the perfect high.

Discover the Perfect Product for Your Preferences at The Social Leaf Dispensary 

Is medical marijuana stronger than recreational marijuana? Despite its reputation, it isn’t necessarily stronger or weaker. Advanced growth methods allow growers to isolate their constituents to craft blends that satisfy most needs and desires.

Learn how marijuana helps with pain and find your perfect strain from The Social Leaf Dispensary.