How to Store Marijuana – Best Practices for a Fresh Cannabis

How To Store Marijuana Safely

Whether you prefer to smoke or ingest marijuana, the only way to guarantee freshness is to store it properly before use. After all, it is a plant. So, what are the right conditions for optimal results out of your carefully curated marijuana stores?

Read on for tips on how to store marijuana safely from The Social Leaf Dispensary, a leading dispensary in South Toms River.

Factors That Affect Your Marijuana’s Freshness

Do you want to reap the full mental and physical health benefits of cannabis products? Of course, you do, so let’s get into the best conditions for storing weed. First, you’ll want to understand the environmental components that affect this plant.

Dispensaries and growers keep the following factors in mind:


Storing weed is all about balance. A temperature above 70 degrees can impact the weed’s quality, as can storing it at a temperature that’s too low. A cool, dry place with closely monitored temperatures is best since keeping these products in hot places for a prolonged period of time will sprout mold and, potentially, bacteria.


Humidity levels also degrade marijuana strains in a few different ways, aside from the very real risk of mold growth. On the other hand, drying out your marijuana leaves makes this product become brittle, which is hard to handle. If you ask an expert how to store marijuana properly, they’ll tell you to aim for 60% humidity to avoid unwanted bacteria and keep it fresh.


Ultraviolet light impacts marijuana as much as the temperature and humidity. If you don’t keep your cannabis in a cool, dark place, it degrades quickly. You might find it unusable before the expiration date, which is always a pity.


Are you exposing your marijuana to too much oxygen? Pay close attention to the amount of airflow that your products receive to avoid ruining it. Excessive oxygen exposure can lead to cannabis degradation.

How To Store Marijuana: Best Practices

Keeping all of the above conditions in mind when storing cannabis products, what are the best practices? Experts like The Social Leaf Dispensary use several methods for quality assurance and long-lasting marijuana products. Here’s more about which containers to use and other tips for safely storing your weed so that it’s ready for you to enjoy.

Keep the Weed in Its Original Packaging

You might already know that if you purchase edibles, like gummy cannabis products, it’s almost impossible to differentiate them from normal food items. For easy identification and safe storage, don’t take these edibles out of their original packaging. Clearly seeing the label also helps you to avoid accidental ingestion.

Utilize a Safe Spot Away From Children and Pets

Could young children or pets in the house accidentally find your marijuana products and ingest them? To avoid these disastrous possibilities, cannabis items do better in a safe storage area out of reach. A top shelf with light exposure will still impact the product’s potency, so consider using a lockbox for keeping products out of others’ hands, dry,  and safely away from direct sunlight.

Opt for Glass Containers Over Plastic

Do you prefer purchasing cannabis flower over edibles or wax options? The best way to store fresh buds is by keeping them in a glass container. An air-tight jar will preserve the product much better than a plastic container or flimsy plastic bag.

Pick Somewhere Cool and Dry

If you’re not sure how to store marijuana after purchasing it, the rule of thumb is to always keep it in a cool, dry place. Particularly for cannabis flowers, keeping them somewhere dark protects their potency. Light exposure deteriorates the material quickly.

Invest in a Humidity Pack

Frequent cannabis users might want multiple strains available to them at once, but that only works under the ideal conditions for storage. A humidity pack, officially known as a cannabis humidor, comes with functional glass jars to store fresh buds and state-of-the-art technology that measures the space’s humidity level. You won’t have to worry about your stash losing its potency and freshness in this very practical cannabis storage solution.

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