Does Marijuana Help With Pain?

When you suffer from chronic pain, you’ll look for any source of relief, even if it’s not a traditional medicine. Many people use cannabis for pain management and swear by it as an effective solution. So, how does marijuana help with pain relief, and is it the right option for you?

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How Cannabis Compares To Traditional Pain Medications

If you’re on the fence about marijuana pain relief tactics, it’s worth looking at how it compares to traditional pain medications. Below is a breakdown of key differences between using a standard oral medication and cannabis for pain management.

Cannabis Doesn’t Have FDA Approval

Since some parts of the country still consider marijuana an illegal substance, it does not have approval from the Food and Drug Administration as a viable pain medication. The FDA sets the guidelines for the proper dosage of medications, and without approval, it’s hard to gauge how much cannabis you should use to treat chronic pain.

People Can Experiment With Different Doses of Pain Relief With Cannabis

Since the FDA sets the guidelines for the proper dosage of medications, it’s hard to gauge how much cannabis you should use to treat chronic pain. Many clinical research studies aim to answer the question, “Does marijuana help with pain?” However, the problem with many of these studies is that they either don’t feature detailed information regarding dosage or use dosages that aren’t applicable to products that many dispensaries sell.

People can then try different amounts of marijuana to treat their pain rather than going over the recommended dosage of either a prescription or over-the-counter medication.

Pain Patients Can Take Different Forms of Cannabis

While traditional medications usually come in pill form, marijuana offers more variety in how you can use it. Some people prefer to smoke the substance, while others want to ingest it in a formulated gummy. Certain oils contain cannabinoids that pain patients can rub on achy joints for relief.

How Does Marijuana Help With Pain?

The science behind cannabis and pain management boils down to two unique properties: Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These chemicals help to activate nerves and receptors in the brain that regulate pain. They also impact receptors within your immune system to battle inflammation, which is a common cause of pain.

The medical community does recognize that it’s possible to achieve pain relief with cannabis. Doctors can prescribe medical marijuana to patients with nerve pain or those who can’t take traditional NSAIDs because of problems with their kidneys or a history of ulcers.

Benefits of Marijuana for Pain Relief

Not only does marijuana help with pain, but it also comes with several benefits for users. Discover some of the top advantages that experts say come with using cannabis as a pain reliever.

It Supplements Other Medications

If you have a prescription medication that you take for chronic pain, but it doesn’t provide relief quickly, cannabis can actually help kickstart the medication. You’ll be able to live pain-free without risking the effects of increasing your recommended dose of medication.

It Reduces Opioid Use

Chronic pain patients may turn to opioids for relief. These powerful drugs relieve pain, but prolonged use may lead people to become dependent on them. Using marijuana for pain relief cuts down the need to use opioids and may serve as a safer alternative for pain management.

It’s Customizable

If you’re wondering, “Does marijuana help with pain?” and decide to visit a dispensary for options, you’ll find multiple different products. Some contain only CBD to provide pain relief without intoxicating effects, while others feature the more potent THC in addition to CBD. You can try different forms to determine what strain and product works best for you.

It Helps Improve Your Quality of Life

Chronic pain can severely impact your quality of life. You might not be able to complete daily functions, let alone activities that you love. Marijuana may help restore your quality of life so you can live pain-free.

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